General School Information

Doors open at 8.45 am and registration starts at 8.50am. If your child arrives after 8.55am, they will have to enter school through main entrance where they will need to be signed into school by an adult.


A member of staff is available on both KS1 and KS2 main doors in the morning and afternoon who are available to speak to and who can pass messages on to your child's class teacher.  


Break is at 10.45am until 11am.


Lunch starts at 11.55am for Reception and Key Stage 1 and finishes at approx 12.50pm. For Key Stage 2 lunch starts at 12.15pm and finishes at 1.10pm. 


The school day finishes at 3.15pm. Should someone other than the child's parents/guardians be collecting them from school, please ensure that a message is left either with staff at the door in the morning or please call the office who will inform the teaching staff.