Microsoft Office

Make sure you are on the machine you want office on then follow the steps below.

First load up the website for rmunify:


Then login with your school details


Username: smithj2

Password: (ask your child for their password)


If you have any issues with this please email and we can help reset this 


(For security we will only be replying to emails that we have stored on the system)


In the subject please use "password reset"


In the main body please include your child's full name and class to enable us to find them more easily and help reset as quickly as possible.


If this comes up tick both boxes and launch rm unify

Then find the outlook box and click it

If this screen comes up make sure you select united kingdom and utc Dublin, Edingurgh, Lisbon, London and save

Go to settings and scroll down to office 365

Go my install status and press install desktop applications

Then press install and follow the on screen steps like you would with any other installation.