New Intake - September 2021

Initial Parent Information Meeting – Thursday 17 June 2021 


We will be holding a ZOOM parent induction meeting on Thursday 17 June at 6pm.  The meeting will be recorded and added to the school website for those parents that are not able to attend.  



Garden Story Sessions 


We would like to invite your child (and 1 adult) to one of our eight garden story session this term.  These will be held on the front lawn of school and will be a chance for your child to meet your child’s teachers, Mrs Yeomans and Mrs MacFarlane.  


The sessions will be held at the following times - please let the school office know which session you would like to attend.  Sessions will still go ahead in the event of rain, so please come dressed appropriately.  


Tuesday 22nd June 2.15pm 

Tuesday 22nd June 2.40pm 

Wednesday 23rd June 2.15pm 

Wednesday 23rd June 2.40pm 

Tuesday 29th June 2.15pm 

Tuesday 29th June 2.40pm 

Wednesday 30th June 2.15pm 

Wednesday 30th June 2.40pm 



Stay and Play visits - September 2021 


We would like to invite children (and 1 adult) to two Stay & Play sessions before they officially start school.  These sessions will be held during the week of 6th September.  You will need to book your child onto two sessions - one from the dates listed under 'First Visit'  and one from the dates listed under 'Second Visit'.  


First Visit - please choose one date from the following list and ring the school office to book your place.  


Tuesday 7th September 1-2pm  

Tuesday 7th September 2.15-3.15pm 

Wednesday 8th September 1-2pm  

 Wednesday 8th September 2.15-3.15pm. 


Second Visit - please choose one date from the following list and ring the school office to book your place. 


Thursday 9th September 1-2pm 

Thursday 9th September 2.15-3.15pm 

Friday 10th September 1-2pm 

Friday 10th September 2.15-3.15pm 


We will be offering parents a tour of the school during your child's second visit - please settle your child initially and we will then come into the classroom to invite you to take a tour. We will also be able to answer any questions you have at this point. 

Although these are only settling in visits, we would like children to wear school uniform - we think this will help them the following week when they officially start school.  One adult per child will be able to accompany children on these visits.  As a general rule, we would expect the adult to stay with their child on the first visit and try to leave them for a while on their second visit (to take a tour of the school or pop out for a while).    



Starting School 


Your child will officially start school on Monday 13th September.  There will be a gradual transition to full time over the course of the week.  Children will attend ALL of the sessions listed below.  


Monday 13th September 8.45-11am* 

Tuesday 14th September 8.45-11am* 

Wednesday 15th September 8.45-12noon* 

Thursday 16th September 8.45-1pm (children will stay for lunch) 

Friday 17th September 8.45-3.05pm 

Monday 20th September - full time (8.45-3.15pm) 


Children can be dropped off any time between 8.45-8.55am.   

* If you have older siblings in the school, please drop the older child off first for the first few days. 

Exact start times are provisional - we may need to adjust drop off times slightly if any social distancing requirements are in place at the time. We will let you know if start times need to change. 


Reading Meeting 


There will be an opportunity to attend a reading meeting during the first week your child starts school.  We will show you what to do to support your child when they bring home their first reading book.  


Please choose from one of the following times and ring the office to book your place 

Monday 13th September 9.15am 

Monday 13th September 10.15am 

Tuesday 14th September 9.15am  

Tuesday 14th September 10.15am 




We will need you to complete some forms for your child to start school. Please collect a pack from the school office during school hours. We would be very grateful if you could complete the paperwork and return it to the office as soon as possible so we have all the information we need before the summer holidays .We will also need to see your child’s birth certificate. Please bring this to the school office when you collect or drop off your paperwork. 





We stock a small amount of uniform in the school office. This can be purchased by cash or cheque.  


A Oakes in Oldbury stock our uniform. They are based at 180 Vicarage Road, Oldbury B68 8JB. 


Dancers in Halesowen will stock our uniform,  in store and online from mid-late June, date to be confirmed. They are based at 21 Peckingham St, Halesowen B63 3AN 


You can also purchase uniform online from My Clothing and enter the school name. 


Children do not need to wear branded uniform (with logos) to school. All uniform can be purchased from anywhere provided the colours are the same.