Children's Summer Fair

Today the children found out that their special mission this week is to prepare a child-led
school Summer Fair on THURSDAY! Even the teachers didn’t know about this until last
Friday! The fair takes place during our suspended curriculum week, which means that
normal lessons are suspended for 3 days and replaced with a challenge.
Today children have been busy thinking of ideas for their class stalls. Each class is going to
organise some stalls that they will plan and run themselves (with adult support where
necessary). Older children have a special challenge to make as much profit as they can from
their stalls 50% of profits made by your child’s class will be used to buy new toys, games or
an end of term treat, and the other half will be donated to a charity of their choice.
As it’s Tuesday already, we don’t have long to get everything ready and we would welcome
your help.
Could you please hunt high and low for any of the following items and send them in to school
Soft Toys for a toy tombola
Party Bag type toys
Paper plates or cups
Toys for a used toy stall
Lego or Football Cards
Raffle or tombola prizes
Nail varnish
Nail varnish remover pads
Sweets and lollies for prizes
Cocktail sticks/umbrella cocktail sticks
Cakes – homemade or bought
Beads or embroidery threads (to make jewellery)
Unwanted necklaces and bracelets
Anything else that you think we might be able to make use of!
Please have a rummage at home and see if you can find any of the above items! The sooner
you can send them in to school the better.
The fair will take place after school on Thursday 6th July. It will start as soon as the children
have been dismissed at the end of the day, and we expect it to be finished by 4.15-4.30pm.
Entrance is free, but there will be charity buckets on the gates – all donations very welcome.
Weather permitting, the fair will be held on the EYFS/KS1 playground. Let’s hope for a dry
day! If it rains then the fair will be held in the hall/quad and classrooms.
The EYFS/KS1 playground will be locked from both sides until the fair begins – please see
below for changes to normal collection arrangements.
Please collect your child at the usual time. I have asked staff to make sure that children are
ready promptly at 3.15pm. Collection points will be different for some classes on Thursday–
please see below for details of where to pick your child up from.
EYFS – please come to the main entrance to collect your child. Your child will be dismissed
from the quad rather from the classroom. Parents will stand in the library and children will
be dismissed by staff in the usual way.
1M Please come to the main entrance and collect from the hall. You will then exit the hall via
the side door on to the car park.
1W will be dismissed from their classroom door as usual.
2A Please collect from the Sports Hall. Access to the sports hall will be from either the
Feldon Lane Gate or the Narrow Lane gate please walk through the school car park.
2B will be dismissed from their classroom door as usual
Children in 1W, 2B and Y3,4,5,6 will be dismissed from their classrooms as usual, however
the only access to these classrooms will be via the Feldon Lane gate or, if using the Narrow
Lane gate, through the school car park.Once you have collected your child, please make your way to the EYFS/KS1 playground. We
will be opening up both gates to this area as soon as staff have dismissed children. Some
children will be helping out on their class stalls and they will let you know if this applies to
Any children not collected promptly at 3.15pm will be taken to the office to wait for
collection. If you can, please bring along small change for the fair rather than notes.
So why aren’t the children learning anything this week?
Don’t worry – they are – just not in the usual way! Children will need to think creatively this
week, to work together as a team for an end result, to make decisions and be able to explain
the reasons for their decisions.
They will need to use their oral and written communication skills to prepare their stalls.
Posters will need to be made to advertise their wares, letters and invitations written and
sales skills practised.
They will be using their maths to make decisions about pricing. Too high and they may not
get any customers, too low and they may not cover costs. How much are they hoping to
make? After the fair the money will need counting, profit calculated amount for charity and
school calculated.
Children will be discussing different charities and deciding on one charity per class. What
does this charity do and why are they supporting it?
Why are we doing this?
The idea started when several children approached school to ask if they could run a stall
after school to raise money for different things – both charities and school equipment. As
we’re not having a PTA organised summer fair this year, it seemed the ideal opportunity to
allow the children to put their ideas into practice. The idea grew from there.
Why haven’t we had more notice?
Suspended curriculum weeks work best when the theme is new to everyone – including
staff. If staff know beforehand they have a habit of planning in advance and the children
have less input. A suspended curriculum week will be most effective where everyone is
having to think creatively and where staff and children are partners in the creativity, not the
We hope that the majority of parents will be able to make arrangements on Thursday to
enable their children to visit the fair after school – perhaps with a friend or relative if
parents are unable to collect. However, we realise that this will present difficulties to some
parents, for example, those children usually collected by an after school club. If this applies
to your child, we do have the option of taking a limited number of children to a short
preview just before home time. If you need your child to visit during the preview session,
please email the office explaining your particular circumstances and we will make sure that
they get to see the fair before they are collected.