Rock Your Socks for World Down Sydrome Day

On Wednesday 21st March, the school will be celebrating World Down Syndrome Day, by asking children to ‘rock your socks’.


Children are invited to wear bright/colourful/mismatched/long socks along with their school uniform. This supports the idea that although we all look different; we essentially are all the same. In addition to this, if the children would like to donate £1.00, they will receive a pin badge, though a donation is entirely your choice. All proceeds from the sale of the badges will go to Up and Downs, which is a local charity that supports children with Down Syndrome and their families.


Up and Downs charity was set up by Mr Sagar and his wife 7 years ago, after their youngest child Harry was born with Down Syndrome. At the time, there was no support available locally and what started off as a small support group, has now grown considerably. Up and Downs is now a registered charity (Registered Charity Number 1159107) offering support to over 60 families. The charity offers families a wide range of services, including Makaton training and Speech and Language sessions, as well as giving the children a variety of unforgettable experiences. Any money raised by the school will be used to fund activities for the children during monthly activity sessions.


For any of you that wish to show your support further, the charity is holding a Coffee Morning to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on Saturday 17th March at Quinton Methodist Church from 10.00 am until 2.00pm, where there will be a truly astonishing amount of cakes and treats available.


On behalf of the charity, thank you for your support.