Snow Plan.....just in case!

Snow Plan 2013/2014



Following extreme weather conditions last year when we needed to close school, we have developed a ‘snow plan’. As the weather turns colder, it is important that the whole school community is aware of the snow plan.


Should the school need to close due to extreme weather conditions you will be informed by ParentMail text, the school website, school twitter, the Dudley MBC website (following links to school closures) and radio announcements from Heart FM, Free Radio and Beacon Radio.


When the ground is covered in snow and/or ice but the school is open the following safety precautions will be taken:-


  1. The Feldon Lane gate providing access to the KS2 playground will remain closed and locked.
  2. All adults and children will enter school via the Narrow Lane entrance.
  3. A direct path from the Narrow Lane gate to the main school entrance and KS1 entrance will be cleared and salt/grit laid.
  4. The children will leave via the main school entrance and KS1 entrance starting with the youngest children at 3.10pm. Children will only be dismissed to a parent or nominated adult.


Additionally now to help we will be able to call on the Grounds Maintenance Team from Dudley MBC who will, along with the Site Manager, be able to clear paths and entrances on and around the school site.