The Book Fair is coming!

Hurst Green’s Book Fair and Author Focus Day Visit


Our ‘Travelling Book’ Fair will be in school from Tuesday 13th October until Friday
15th October and we really hope you will visit us and support your child in
purchasing an appropriate book choice.
During the school day, on Friday 15th October, we have an author focus day where
the poet Chris White (author of books such as ‘Don’t put Dave in the
Microwave’ and Armadillo under my Pillow’) will be spending the day with us and
working with all year groups. He will be retelling some of his poems, showing us
how he draws his illustrations and working with the children to create their own
poems in a similar style. After-school, at the book fair, there will be a signing
opportunity where the children can buy copies of his books and have them
personally signed by the author himself.


The times of our book fairs are as follows:


Tuesday 13th October   3:15pm - 3:45pm Opening Night
Wednesday 14th October  3:15pm - 6:00pm Open throughout Parents  Evening.


Thursday 15th October  3:15pm - 6:00pm Open throughout Parents  Evening.


Friday 16th October  3:15pm - 4:00pm
Author Signing – Buy a book by the author we met today and get it
personally signed.


We look forward to seeing you at the book fair! Thank you for your support.