Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school! 

Headteacher - Mrs V Kelly


Deputy Headteacher, SENCO & Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mrs C Mauchline


Designated Safeguarding leads Mrs C Mauchline, Mrs V Kelly, Mr A Lander, Mrs N Webb & Mr A South


Foundation/ Key Stage 1 Assistant Headteacher- Mr A Lander

Key Stage 2 Assistant Headteachers  - (Mon-Thurs) Mrs N Webb (Friday)  Mr A South



EYFS lead- Mrs S Yeomans

Class Teachers - Mrs S Yeomans & Mrs L MacFarlane

Teaching Assistants - Mrs L Howells & Mrs L Dobbins / Mrs S Chappell


Year 1 


Class Teachers - Miss A Murray & Mrs Z Whittaker / Mrs C Edmonds

Teaching Assistants - Mrs L Crampton, Mrs S Kaur & Miss J Lawley 


Year 2 


Class Teachers - Miss K Howells & Miss A Foster

Teaching Assistants -  Mrs T Blears


Year 3 


Class Teachers -  Mrs H Cross/ Mrs E Hayward & Miss O Corbett-Evans

Teaching Assistants - Mrs C Butler & Mrs H Williams


Year 4 


Class Teachers - Mrs H Fowler / Mrs N Woodhouse & Mr T Tinsley

Teaching Assistants - Mrs K Baker & Mrs R Billingham & Mrs V Williams


Year 5 


Class Teachers - Mr A Sagar & Miss V Morton

Teaching Assistants - Mrs S Round


Year 6


Class Teachers - Mr A South & Mr S Rees

Teaching Assistants - Mrs K Rees 


Additional Teaching Staff - Mrs R Beard, Mrs K Karadia, Mrs S Spencer, Mrs J Webster


HLTA across school - Mrs C Butler & Mrs Z Harbon


Business Manager- Mrs R Whitehouse

Administration staff- Mrs K Owen, Mrs J Evans / Mrs T Blakeway


Site manager- Mr S Taylor


IT Assistant - Mr M Winter



Other Staff


Unit Catering Manager - Ms H Jackson


Cleaners - Mrs J Byng, Ms S Littlehales & Mrs P Masters


Lunchtime Supervisors -  

                                         Mrs J Small           Mrs M Harper

                                         Ms S Barker          Mrs S O'Hare

                                         Ms S Littlehales     Mrs P Masters

                                         Mrs L Bent             Miss S Welch

                                         Mrs H Williams      Mrs S Kaur

                                         Mrs S Leonard       Mrs U Shaheen    

                                         Miss I Ahmed         Ms J Brookes 

                                         Mrs S Butler