On this page, you will find a range of activities that you can complete at home - either by yourself, with a sibling or a parent. Some of the activities may require you to print a sheet out. Remember to ask an adult to help you with this. Additionally, you will also be able to see some of the Maths work and activities completed in school.


This page will be continually updated, so please be sure to check back regularly for new links, exemplary work and more!

S.T.E.M club (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

This week, we launched our after school S.T.E.M club. The children were given 'SPHERO' devices to program through simple mazes. Next week, the children will apply the programming skills they have learnt to a competitive race through a giant race course, complete with obstacles. 

Maths Championship 2023

Congratulations to our Year 5 and 6 children who represented us at the Maths championship finals at Priory Primary School. They worked well as a team through some challenging problems that many of the adults struggled with! Though they didn't win, they did extremely well to make the finals and represented Hurst Green in a manner which made us proud. Well done!

Clubs Generator

To download the clubs generator:

1) Click on the link and open the spreadsheet on your computer.

2) Click 'File' and download if it is available or the download button. 

3) Open up the recently downloaded file and use according to the instructions (available as a PDF)


Please note that this resource is intended to be used as a print out. Once you have downloaded the spreadsheet, select the most appropriate tab and print out for maximum effect.

Maths problem of the month

KS1 Problem

100 Maze

In this maze there are numbers in each of the cells. You go through adding all the numbers that you pass. You may not go through any cell more than once.

Can you find a way through in which the numbers add to exactly 100?

Maze of numbers

What is the lowest number you can make going through the maze?

What is the highest number you can make going through the maze? (Remember you may not go through any cell more than once.)

KS2 Problem

In the money

There are a number of coins on a table.

One quarter of the coins show heads.

If I turn over two coins, then one third show heads.

How many coins are there altogether?

KS3 Level Problems (Not for the faint-hearted!)

Ben's Game

Ben, Jack and Emma were playing a game with a box of 40 counters - they were not using all of them.
They each had a small pile of counters in front of them.

Image of Ben, Jack and Emma with counters in front of them.

All at the same time, Ben passed a third of his counters to Jack, Jack passed a quarter of his counters to Emma, and Emma passed a fifth of her counters to Ben.

They all passed on more than one counter.

After this they all had the same number of counters.

How many could each of them have started with?

Links to Maths games and other online resources

Famous mathematician of the month



This Greek scientist was born in Sicily 287 BC.

He is famous for his important discoveries in maths, physics, and engineering, but he is best known for his work on floating and sinking. Before he was born over 2000 years ago, building a ship that would float well was always a trial and error operation!

He discovered how to calculate the area and volume of shapes and is most famous for discovering how to calculate the volume of irregular shapes. He also studied the idea of infinity in math, or the idea that numbers go on forever and ever.

Archimedes used his study of various math principles to create many extraordinary inventions. One of his most famous inventions was the Archimedes screw. The Archimedes screw is used to move solids and liquids from one place to another. This invention was only made possible through his mathematical study of the distance between each arm of a spiral. He went on to use his love for mathematics to create elaborate military weapons. His math principles or rules are still in use today!


Exemplary Maths work in school


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