Free Microsoft Office Licences to use at home

Dear Parent/Guardian,


Since the installation of the new school network, we now have the opportunity for your child to use up to 5 free Microsoft Office 2013 licenses on devices at home.


This means your child is eligible to use the full Microsoft Office 2013 suite, which includes Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel, for free, for the duration that your child is a pupil at Hurst Green Primary School.


Before attempting the installation please ensure the following:


Your child has their login detail for the school’s network. Most of Key Stage 2 should know this information. All class teachers have your child’s information which can be passed on upon request (via homework diary).


If you have an older version of Office installed ensure you have the original disk and license key, in case an issue arises during the install.


Should you have any issues or questions please direct them to and the message will be passed to the required member of the Computing team. For installations this will be our IT Technician, Mr Winter. For any issues regarding the terms and conditions this will be myself, Mr South. PLEASE NOTE any issues that arise will ONLY be dealt with by email and NOT by phone.


As this is a new venture for our school we will review the success of this project annually and therefore may be subject to change of which we will inform you.


A full step by step guide to installing your new software is available on the 'letters' section of the school website.


Yours Sincerely




A South

IT Co-ordinator