Parents Survey Results

15 October 2015
Dear Parents
July 2015 Parents Survey
Thank you once again for taking the time to complete and return the surveys to school. We had 188
surveys returned. Overall 99% of parents agree that their child enjoys school and 96% of parents are happy with their child’s experience. I hope you find the results informative; it is very important for us to hear your views.
Looking again at the children’s favourite subjects it was Maths that topped the list this year with PE and
English following, which was the same as last year but with the subjects in a different order. It is pleasing to see Maths as a strong favourite as across school staff have worked hard to develop problem solving
approaches, linking them to everyday life. The online mathletics software available to all children is also a
welcome addition.


The following areas were included in the comment box at the end of the survey, I have added a reply to the comments raised:-
Concern Homework – concerns about clarity of which day and which subject homework is due in; the
amount particularly regarding the extended projects over holiday times.


Reply Each year group will clearly state days when homework is due on the termly curriculum
letters. This is also displayed on the classroom window.
The extended projects will become optional, for those who take part there will be an award
certificate and feedback.
Concern: While 95% of parents believe we encourage good behaviour, there are concerns regarding
dealing with unacceptable behaviour.


Reply Our behaviour policy does have a clear process in which we deal with unacceptable behaviour. Parents are informed, meetings called and outside agencies such as the Sycamore outreach behaviour team, counselling, educational psychology are used to support the child and school should it be necessary. School does have the sanction of temporary and/or permanent exclusion. The welfare and safety of all children at Hurst Green is paramount of which 99% of surveys agreed.


Concern: Not enough regular information regarding child’s progress


Reply There is a Department for Education expectation that school hold three parents evenings
per academic year. Here at Hurst Green these are held in October, March and July with a
written annual report. In KS1 (years 1 to 3) the children have reading diaries in which there is an opportunity to voice any concerns regarding progress, similarly with KS2 (years 4 to 6) and their
diaries/planners. Targets for Maths and English which the children will be working on are
also found in diaries/planners. This will enable understanding of the children’s progress to
meet the target.


Concern Taking account of parents’ suggestions/concerns


Reply Through the use of yearly parent surveys there is opportunity to communicate concerns and
suggestions. We have changed our parents’ evenings format following a parent’s survey to two nights and held the autumn term parents evening earlier in the calendar than previously. My door is always open if you have any concerns or suggestions or please contact me by email or letter and I will endeavour to respond quickly.
July 2015 Children’s Survey
Children also completed a survey in July 2015 the results of which the staff were given for each year group so that they can enhance the positives and work on the ‘even better if’ such as harder challenges, more books, trips, topic and learn Japanese!
I have included a summary of the replies for each question on the next page for your information.
Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely
J Bathurst