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Ben from Poplar class created this FM radio with his Grandfather. They made the shell using wood and the components were purchased online before being integrated into the unit. The dials are the eyes and control volume and frequency. To power the radio, a small magnet (in the shape of a snail) is placed onto the pad on the head of the robot, magnetically pulling a switch to complete the circuit.
An incredible piece of ingenuity and application of Science skills. Well done, Ben!

Mental Health Week - Make my voice heard

Today, the Phase Trust came in today as part of ‘Mental Health Week’ to talk to the children about their emotions and how they can manage the wide variety of feelings that they experience. The children took part in a range of activities - including watching the classic 'Diet Coke and Mentos experiment' to visualise how unmanaged emotions can in fact spill over. 


WWI Death Penny

One of the pupils brought in a WWI death penny - commemorating his Great, great, great Uncle (James Hollies) who died at the age of 19 in 1918. Unfortunately, his place of death is unknown, though he is commemorated on Arras Memorial in France.


English - Non-Chronological Reports

Foundation Subjects


In Science, the children looked at how batteries worked within a circuit - in particular how electrons flowed. They then used different types of fruit to see if citric acid could be used to power a digital clock. The children had to use their pre-existing knowledge of circuits to ensure the experiment's success.

Art - Making my voice heard

Through this unit of Art, the children have explored how artists convey a message from the ancient Mayans to modern-day street art. They have explored imagery, symbols, expressive mark making and chiaroscuro. The children have considered the audience and the impact to create powerful drawings to make their voices heard.

Following on from our Art research on Banksy, one child in Year 6 went above and beyond to continue her research and present it as a poster for others to see. What a fantastic piece of work and use of initiative!

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