Recommended books!

Dear All,


As I am sure you are aware, as well as being an enjoyable pastime, reading impacts enormously on children’s writing ability and all aspects of their learning. At Hurst Green Primary School, we encourage children to read as much as possible, both at home and in school.


In response to your extremely positive and constructive feedback at our recent Reading for Pleasure Parent Workshop, we have put together a recommended reading list for each year group across the school. You will notice that this is not an exhaustive list, but it represents a cross-section of books suitable for your child’s year group. We will be continually updating these lists so you and your children are aware of any new and exciting books that have been recommended to us, whether it be from parents, staff or the children themselves.


We will also be using this area of the school website to provide you with additional resources to help promote Reading for Pleasure at Home. Our most recent update includes the Book Trust's Reading with Your Child Booklets which are available in both English and Arabic.




Mr Ashton

(English Co-ordinator)

Our reccomendations for reading at home - We hope you enjoy!