September 2020 re-opening

COVID Risk Assessment November 2020

September Re-opening Checklist & Draft Risk Assessment for Parents


School Re-opening - email sent 07/08/2020


Dear Parents,
I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer holidays as much as you can at this point in time. 
I'm sure that you have noticed that the school re-opening debate is once again in the media.  Rest assured, that the government see school re-opening as a national priority and we are planning on opening fully in September unless told otherwise.  Please see below for a letter from Dudley LA regarding September re-opening. 
We have detailed plans ready to post on our website, but given that there is expected to be further guidance/announcements next week, I intend to wait until then before uploading these plans. Time and again, I have put something in place and communicated it to parents, only to find out that new guidance means changing plans.
You will soon notice a new tab on our website called 'September Re-opening' which will be found in the 'Parents' drop down menu).  This is where we will post all information in relation to our re-opening plans.  Please keep an eye on this tab over the coming weeks. 
In the meantime, here is a summary of what to expect - with the caveat being of course that this is a rapidly developing situation;  some plans may need to change in line with future guidance. 
  • Children will return to school on Thursday September 3rd to their old classrooms.
  • Children have been invited to a 'Welcome Back' picnic on Wednesday 2nd September - a letter about this was sent out at the end of term. 
  • Children will move up to their new class on Wednesday September 9th. An email went out last term detailing the new class arrangements. 
  • Unlike many schools, we are trying to avoid having to put in place staggered drop-off and collection times for different year groups because we think that this would be very inconvenient for families with more than one child at the school. The key to this will be parents being able and willing to socially distance themselves without  a staggered system. We believe that the school grounds are  large enough for parents to be able to distance whilst on site, provided that parents are willing to use common sense in choosing where to stand. If, for whatever reason, effective social distancing isn't possible without a staggered system, then we will have to put one in place - but it seems sensible to try and avoid this option in the first instance. 
  • We will be using the car park as an entrance for certain classes at home time.  Parents of children in the 'back' classrooms (Y5, Elm and Poplar Classes) will pick up directly from their child's classroom door which exits onto the Sports Hall playground.  This will not be necessary in the mornings as children in these classes will enter via the usual KS2 door.  All other children will enter directly into through their classroom doors in the morning.  Using the Sports Hall playground at home time will reduce the number of parents in the other playgrounds.  Parents will be able to enter and exit the Sports Hall playground via the car-park gate. )The car park will be out of use during this time.) 
  • For all other classes, there will be a one way system in place - you will walk in the Narrow Lane gate and exit via the Feldon Lane gate.  If you have children in Y5, Elm or Poplar class, you will collect them from the Sports Hall playground before you collect any other children. (If you choose not to do this, you will have to walk out through the Feldon Lane gate and all the way back round via the road to the school car park!). 
  • If you have children in year 6, it would be incredibly helpful if they are able to leave school by themselves.  This would mean 60 fewer parents on site at the end of the day.  If you want to go down this route, you could support your child by practising the route home during the holidays, paying particular attention to crossing roads.  If you don't want them to walk all the way home by themselves, perhaps you could arrange to meet them at a pre-determined spot outside of the school grounds?  Safety comes first though, so if you don't consider your child is able to leave school by themselves just yet, then you will be able to continue to collect from school until you consider that they have the necessary skills to leave alone. You will need to give permission for your child to walk home by themselves and we will let you know how to do this in September. 
  • We are anticipating having an extended drop off window of 8.45-9.15am and 2.45-3.15pm for the first two weeks of term only to allow parents to  get used to new drop-off/ collection points; for teachers to get to know the parents in their new classes and for us to 'test' the proposed system.  Parents can choose when, within this timeframe, they drop off and pick up.  Only one parent per child will be allowed on site. All being well, from September 21st we plan to shorten the drop-off/collection window to 15 minutes (8.45-9am and 3.00-3.15pm).  Over time, this will be further reduced until we are back to normal timings. 
  • Children will be expected to wear full school uniform. 
  • We are intending to re-introduce hot lunches, but this will not be until such time as we can safely accommodate children eating in the hall. Grab bags can be ordered online as usual.  During September, we are looking at incorporating some hot options in the 'grab bags' and will let you know more details once this has been finalised. 
  • The risk assessment that will be uploaded to the school website after next week, details all the safety measures that we will be taking in school.  There will be a one-way system inside the building and children will not be mixing with children outside of their year group at all.  Children will stay in their own class groups as much as is practicable. Children in Years 2-6 will be sat at tables facing the front.  They will be sat next to other children but will not be sat facing other children.  The risk assessment will also detail the procedures that will be in place should we get a confirmed case of COVID in school.  To date, we have had no confirmed cases in school. 
We hope that his information is reassuring and answers some of your questions.  Please remember to keep a close eye on the website from August 17th onwards when we will upload the full risk assessment and protocol document.  If you have any questions after you have read these documents, please email the school office. 
Thank you for your continued support.  
Victoria Kelly 








New classes 2020-2021 


Dear Parents,


As you know, we are planning on opening as normal in September, obviously with additional hygiene and infection control measures in place. We will write you at a later date with the full details of the new measures.


Children will not move up to their new year groups until Wednesday 9th September. When children return to school on Thursday 3rd September, they will return to their current (old) teachers in their current (old) classrooms. They will stay in their old rooms for the first 4 days of term. Day 1 and Day 2 will be spent entirely in their old classrooms but on day 3 and day 4 children will have transition visits to their new classrooms and will meet their new teachers. Children will officially move up to the next year group on Wednesday 9th September.


From Wednesday 9th September, children will move up into the year group above.


Current EYFS moving up to YEAR ONE

Current Apple Class (Miss Murray) and current Apricot Class (Mrs Yeomans) will become Year One. The Year One teachers next year will be Miss Murray and Mrs Edmonds/Mrs Whittaker.


Current EYFS Apple Class will become Y1 Beech Class and will be taught by Miss Murray who will take her current class up to Year One. The new Beech Class will be taught in Mrs MacFarlane’s current classroom.


Current EYFS Apricot Class will become Y1 Birch Class and will be taught by Mrs Edmonds and Mrs Whittaker. The new Birch Class will be taught in Mrs Edmonds’ current classroom. Mrs Edmonds will work 3 days a week, Wednesday to Friday and Mrs Whittaker will teach the class on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Current YEAR ONE moving up to YEAR TWO

Current Beech Class (Mrs MacFarlane) and current Birch Class (Mrs Edmonds) will become Year Two. The Year Two teachers next year will be Miss Howells and Miss Foster


Current Y1 Beech Class will become Y2 Cedar Class and will be taught by Miss Foster. The new Cedar Class will be taught in Miss Foster’s current classroom.


Current Y1 Birch Class will become Y2 Cherry Class and will be taught by Miss Howells in her current classroom.


Current Year TWO moving up to YEAR THREE

Current Cedar Class (Miss Foster) and Cherry Class (Miss Howells) will become Year Three. The Year Three teachers next year will be Mrs Cross/Mrs Hayward and Miss Corbett-Evans.


Mrs Hayward and Mrs Cross will share their class, with Mrs Cross teaching the first half of the week and Mrs Hayward the second half. Both teachers will have joint planning and hand-over time on a Wednesday.


Current Y2 Cedar Class will become Y3 Elder Class and will be taught by Mrs Hayward & Mrs Cross in Mrs Hayward’s current classroom.


Current Y2 Cherry Class will become Y3 Elm Class and will be taught by Miss Corbett-Evans in her current classroom.


Current YEAR THREE moving up to YEAR FOUR

Current Elder Class (Mrs Cross/Mrs Hayward) and Elm (Miss Corbett-Evans) will become Year Four.


The Year Four teachers next year will be Mr Tinsley and Mrs Woodhouse/Mrs Fowler.


Mrs Woodhouse and Mrs Fowler will share their class and Mrs Woodhouse will teach the first half of the week and Mrs Fowler the second half. Mrs Woodhouse and Mrs Fowler will have joint handover and planning time on a Wednesday.


Current Y3 Elder Class will become Y4 Hazel Class and will be taught by Mrs Woodhouse & Mrs Fowler in Mrs Woodhouse’s current classroom.


Current Y3 Elm Class will become Y4 Hawthorn Class and will be taught by Mr Tinsley in his current classroom.


Current YEAR FOUR moving up to YEAR FIVE

Current Hawthorn Class (Mr Tinsley) and Hazel Class (Mrs Fowler/Mrs Woodhouse) will become Year Five. The Year Five teachers next year will be Mr Sagar and Miss Morton.


Current Y4 Hawthorn Class will become Y5 Lime Class and will be taught by Mr Sagar in his current classroom.


Current Y4 Hazel Class will become Y5 Larch Class and will be taught by Miss Morton in the other Y5 classroom. When Mrs Jewkes returns from maternity leave in the Spring Term, she will take over this class.

Current YEAR FIVE moving up to YEAR SIX
Current Lime Class (Mr Sagar) and Larch Class (Mr Taylor) will become Year Six. The Year Six teachers next year will be Mr South and Mr Rees.


Current Y5 Larch Class will become Y6 Pine Class and will taught by Mr South in his current classroom. Current Larch Class will be taught by Miss Morton and Mr South for the first few days because Mr Taylor will be starting his new job in Qatar! We wish Mr Taylor all the best and thank him for his work at Hurst Green this year.


Current Y5 Lime Class will become Y6 Poplar Class and will be taught by Mr Rees in his current classroom.


Remember, on the first day of term your child will be going back to their current classroom and will not move into the new year groups above until Wednesday 9th September.


If you have any questions about new classes please contact the school office.




Welcome back Picnic!


Mindful that some children might find it hard to come back to school after a long break, we would like to invite your child (plus 1 adult) to a welcome back picnic on the field on Wednesday 2nd September.  Your child's class have been allocated a half-hour slot and your child's current teacher will join the class to chat to the children and to reassure them about starting back officially the following day. 


Picnic times are as follows... (these refer to your child's current class not their new class)


11.45-12.15 Apple, Apricot and Birch classes

12.20-12.50 Beech, Cedar, Cherry classes

12.55-1.25 Elm, Elder, Hawthorn classes

1.30-2.00 Hazel, Lime, Larch classes


Please arrive at the field gate (off Feldon Lane close to Halesbury) at the time specified above.  You will be directed to an area of the field exclusively for your child's class.  There is enough room for social distancing within these areas and children won't be able to run around or play with the other children - hence having a picnic to eat!  We will let you know when it's time for the picnic to finish and at this point you will all need to leave the field promptly via the playground gate to make way for the next group.   Please note that you will not be able to leave your child at school - parents must remain with their children at all times and ensure that they keep themselves and their children socially distanced from others. 


If you have children in more than one class and can bring each one separately, then please do.  If not, you can bring siblings to just one of the picnics - but obviously the older/younger child's teacher won't be outside with them.  If all else fails, you could bring all the siblings to all the picnics - I'm picturing a Vicar of Dibley Christmas dinner scenario here!  The main thing is that we want to see the children, so do whatever works best for you!  If you do bring siblings, you will all need to sit in one group.  Only one adult per family please. 


If it rains, we will move inside and arrangements might have to change slightly - it may not be possible to have the whole class sat together.   Fingers crossed that this isn't necessary!


This will be a very relaxed and informal event.  We hope that it will ease any anxiety and break the ice in terms of returning to school more formally the following day.