Year 4

Hi Home Learners!

We all hope you are well.

Each weeks work has been uploaded below for you to complete each day.

Remember, you also have access to TTRockstars, Century Tech and Read Theory.

Try to do 10 minutes, at least, a day on TTRockstars and Century Tech.

If you can't access these online platforms, don't worry, you also have the CGP books you can use.


Any questions? 

Join our daily check-ins on Teams or email us on:




We look forward to seeing you on Teams or hearing from you via email smiley

Well done Year 4 with all the children that logged in to TEAMS so far.


The time slot for Year 4 on TEAMS in the morning is 9.30-9.45.


Your username and password is in your diary and to get to teams when it asks for an email address use your username and then add


Remember if you are getting stuck or your logins aren't working get your parents to email


Mr Winter

Summer Term Knowledge Organiser!