Year 5

Welcome to Year Five



Mr A Sagar & Mrs S Jewkes
All daily Powerpoints are now on SharePoint that you can access from rmunify, as they are too large for the website, but there are PDF versions available in the home learning folder too. Missing you guys and hopefully we will be back together soon. Stay safe.
Year 5 had a wonderful time on their trip to the Sea Life Centre.  We saw lots of fascinating creatures and learned so much information about the different marine animals, as well as the environmental dangers that they face.  We can't wait to use all of the information we have learned in our Planet Earth topic and for our writing in English!
During the Autumn term, children who collected 30 signatures for reading at home were invited to a special Glow Party to reward them for doing extra reading at home. Everyone had an amazing time!
During Autumn 2, Larch and Lime class really enjoyed designing and making Ancient Greek clay tiles.  We chose an Ancient Greek God/Goddess.  We then designed a tile in our sketch books, created a flat tile from clay, then moulded a face onto the tile.  Finally, we painted our tiles. We really enjoyed making them and they looked great!
During the first half term, Larch and Lime class have carried out a wide range of Science investigations.  We investigated the properties of materials, thermal insulators, electrical conductors and insulators, reversible and irreversible changes and separating mixtures.  We really enjoyed discovering the Science for ourselves through all of our practical work and we learned so much!
During Autumn 1, Larch and Lime class have really enjoyed designing and creating their own Greek vases.  They built a structure, covered it in layers of paper, painted an orange background, sketched their designs and then transferred the designs onto their vases.  They looked great when they were finished!